Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back after a 10 day Holiday @Home


So, I was away for a 10 day long vacation @home,a break planned before I start a new journey at SCIT.

The temperatures were in the range of 45-49, and i spent all the 10 days at home reading books and watching TV. It was fun to just read/eat/sleep/relax. :)
Nothing on my mind to write more now.
Tomorrow I am off to Nashik.
Will update more later.

Enjoy the summers. :)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

A lesson for the Mind

Heres a Lesson for the Mind.

O restless mind! Now be quiet and steady. Why do you disturb me by wandering all the time? Time and again you run after sense pleasures and worldly relations, seeking company in relationships but don't you know they are short-lived? You have been forced to abandonthem in all of your previous lives and will have to abandon them in this life as well. So immerse yourself in meditation of your True Self that is always with you, that is Bliss Supreme.

The Speaking Tree

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



It has been around 2+ years since I have fallen in love with solving Sudoku, so thought of writing a post about it.

Sudoku as one knows stands for "Single Number". Here's the wiki link.

I first solved sudoku, when a friend of mine pointed to give it a try. So, I initially started solving the one which comes in Pune Times,which is a very easy one. Slowly I found myself in love with solving sudoku, and it became(and is still) a daily act. I became very much comfortable in solving easy sudokus.
During my stay in the US, my love for sudoku blossomed and it became a hobby. I then found a site, which had a treasure of sudoku; easy,medium,hard and fiendish were the levels defined there. After solving each level, you could earn points and depending upon the points and a combination of number of Hard and Fiendish sudokus solves, players were grouped into certain levels.
I began solving the easy ones, then moved to the medium ones and then to the hard and the fiendish ones. I remember spending hours solving sudoku, at times even 5 fiendish sudokus back to back. Solving Sudokus is a pleasure for me.
Benefits of Solving Sudoku:
  1. Increases your concentration
  2. Increases your patience/tolerance
  3. A good brain work out for your gray/white cells
  4. Increases your defect finding skills
  5. Teaches you to focus on the details
  6. Gives one a evilish (lol) pleasure, esp when you solve the Fiendish one.
  7. Will keep your thoughts alligned
Well, Sudoku will become your companion for lifetime and it will give you all the relaxation you need, as well as the pain(if you are sadistic) and pleasure for your brain and mind.

Love you Sudoku.
Keep Solving! :)


I felt very sad, however continued solving sudoku on other sites. (websudoku)